WF 4.1

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X 500 / Y 400 / Z 400 mm
Speed range vertical (18) 40 – 2.000 rpm
Motor rating 3 kW


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  • Automatic feeds on all 3 axis
  • Outer arbor support for horizontal milling
  • Heavily ribbed cast-iron machine stand ensures maximum static and dynamic rigidity
  • Optimum layout of operating controls on the right-hand side
  • Vertical head quill for drilling, with hand lever feed
  • Quill stroke 80 mm
  • Central lubrication
  • Chip collector pan
  • The WF 4.1 Milling Machine features a vertical cutter head with a +/- 90° swivel range. The set degrees are easily read on the integrated degree scale. The large quill features a stroke of 3.2″and is clamped mechanically via lever. For horizontal milling applications, merely remove the vertical cutter head via the swivel arm, shift the upper beam, and mount an outer arbor support. Conversion and setup costs are very low. All 3 axis of this machine are equipped with automatic feeds and rapid feeds. The X and Y axis are engaged and disengaged via one single directional lever. For the cross feed (Y), a separate lever has been provided at the upper beam. In addition, all axis can be manually moved using the integrated scaled hand-wheels.


3-axis position indicator

  • More accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Resulting in valuable time savings
  • For increased productivity
  • Easy to read display
  • Operator-specific features
  • Convenient keyboard layout
  • Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002“
  • Default coordinates
  • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Calculator function
  • Storage for 10 tools
  • Radius / diameter toggle
  • mm/inch conversion
  • Easy expansion and maintenance-free operation

Standard equipment:

3-axis position indicator, 4 cutter arbors Ø (16, 22, 27, 32 mm), reducing sleeves MT1, MT2, MT3, collet chuck with collets (2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12mm diam.), draw bar, vibrating elements, coolant system, chip tray, outer arbor support for horizontal milling, work lamp, operator manual, operating tools



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Additional information

Working area
Travel X-axis

500 mm

Travel Y-axis

400 mm

Travel Z-axis

400 mm

Table dimensions

800 x 400 mm

Slots (number/width/spacing)

6 x 14 x 63 mm

Vertical table

1.060 x 250 mm

T-slots, vertical table (number x width x spacing)

3 x 14 x 63 mm

Table load capacity (max.)

200 kg

Rapid feed X-axis

1.200 mm/min

Rapid feed Y-axis

1.200 mm/min

Rapid feed Z-axis

1.200 mm/min

Feed speed X-axis

10 – 380 mm/min

Feed speed Y-axis

10 – 380 mm/min

Feed speed Z-axis

10 – 380 mm/min

Vertical milling head
Spindle speed (vertical)

(18) 40 – 2.000 rpm

Spindle mount

SK 40

Quill stroke

80 mm


540 mm

Spindle nose-to-table surface distance

50 – 450 mm

Horizontal milling head
Horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance

50 – 450 mm

Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive

3 kW

Motor rating feed

1,1 kW

Measures and weights
Overall dimensions

1.390 x 1.430 x 1.820 mm


1.400 kg