HPS 55 S

Hydraulic Structural Steel Cutters

You save R40,100 (33%)

R120,000 R79,900

Pressure force 55 t
Punch capacity (max.) Ø40×10 mm
Cutting capacity flat (max.) 300×15 mm

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Universal machining on up to 5 work stations: Punching – cutting – notching

  • with hydraulic cylinders allows simultaneous operation at 2 stations

Flat Steel Cutters

  • For strip steel, flat steel, wide flat steel
  • table with angular and linear stops
  • Adjustable hold-down
  • lower knife provides 4 cutting edges

Angular Profile Steel Cutters

  • For angle steel sections
  • Cut angle 90° and 45°
  • Adjustable material guide plate

Rod Steel Station

  • For round and square steel
  • Robust material guide plate

Rear stop

  • Automatic cut activation
  • Including swivel boom
  • For use on Flat Steel, Angular Steel and Rod Steel Stations

Hole Punch Station

  • For punching round holes and slots in sheet metals, flat steel and U-section steel
  • Table with adjustable angular stops
  • infinitely variable stroke adjustment
  • including adapter for “Peddinghaus” stamps and dies
  • Hydraulic overload protection

Notching Station

  • Rigid support table with adjustable stops

Standard Equipment:
stamps and dies, work lamp, central lubrication, electrical lateral stop, hook spanner wrench, operator manual

Additional information

Pressure force

55 t

Punch capacity (max.)

Ø40×10 mm

Diameter x thickness

20 x 20 mm


255 mm


60 mm

Stroke number (at 20 mm stroke)

25 H/min

Working height

1.030 mm

Cutting capacity flat (max. width)

300 x 15 mm

Cutting capacity flat (max. thickness)

200 x 20 mm

Knife length

317 mm

Cutting capacity round

40 mm

Cutting capacity square

40 mm

Steel cutter working height

900 mm

Cutting capacity 90°

120 x 120 x 12 mm

Cutting capacity 45°

70 x 10 mm

Profile cutter working height

1.130 mm

Plate thickness (max.)

10 mm


90 mm


45 mm

Motor rating hydraulic pump

5,5 kW

Overall dimensions

1.500 x 950 x 1.180 mm


1.520 kg